Thursday, April 10, 2014

On Repeat

Smart Set Flowered Blouse, Old Navy Cardigan, J Brand Denim, J Crew Edie Bag, Aldo Pumps, BaubleBar Necklace, Asos Sunnies & Leather Jacket

Do you see the guy creeping on me in the background of the first picture? I swear, something as simple as taking pictures get a lot of attention in a small(ish) town like ours. We get honked, stared at, and the other day, Kate and I got pictures of us taking pictures! Like seriously, you'd think people would have better things to do. Bloggers, do things like this happen to you too?

I recently styled this Smart Set blouse with a light color palette and wanted to try it with an all black look. I love how the color of the blouse pops! Now, if the weather gets warm enough, it's going to get paired with denim cut-offs! I. Can't. Wait!


  1. Hahaha, I noticed the creepy man in the back as soon as I saw this post! SO funny. We have been blogging all winter long, why are we getting so many honks & comments lately? Maybe because we're not hiding under winter coats & hats? As you well know I LOVE this blouse and love both ways you've styled it so far! So darn pretty. And that necklace is perfect with everything.

  2. All black with a touch of bright floral - what's not to love? Pretty much nothing, as far as I'm concerned. And I totally sympathise with your photo-taking problems. When I lived in Paris, tourists always think anyone taking multiple photos in one place must be a celebrity. I'm sure I'm in so many people's vacation snapshots and, looking back they have no idea why!

  3. I used to get this ALL the time when I lived in my tiny town (8000 people) and people honked and stared all the time or would purposely drive slow and stare as if I can't see them! haha Even in Calgary, people just stare.. haha so strange! I love that floral top btw! xo

  4. haha...yes, indeed. The stares you get while you're getting snapped is quite interesting. At least for me, it's a very awkward feeling. haha.
    Cute look! It's worth staring at! =D

  5. Yeah sorry, my eye went straight to the creepy guy in the background too haha! It happens to all of us, yet it's still a tad embarrassing when it does happen. Love all the black with the floral top!


  6. People aren't really all that interested when my husband and I shoot outfit pics - we definitely get a look but then people go about their business...thank goodness because I already feel awkward enough. And I'm pretty sure the neighbors on my street think I'm crazy. :) I love that shirt paired with a darker ensemble - it looks perfect both ways you've styled it. Definitely a great purchase.

    Merch Maven

  7. Haha yes, it feels incredibly awkward when people stare while the outfit shots occur. That's one reason why I only do them against the yellow wall in my condo courtyard. (That and it's relatively easy.)

    This floral blouse is a great find! The black background would make it brilliant for winter outfits too.

  8. Lol! This just happened to me today! I always get weirded out! So funny... that guy does look seriously like he is a stalker! So funny you captured him like that! Love that top! Gorgeous colors!

    xo, Kenya

  9. Love the pop of floral and your mirrored sunnies. So chic!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules