Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Floral Picks

I recently posted a look that fell right into the fall floral trend - that's where my obsession started. Every time I see some darker floral items lately, I'm smitten. Here are a few of my favorite around the nets.

Out of all these, I'm especially loving the Topshop blouse and the J Crew skirt. How gorgeous is that metallic copper on blue print? I'm also in love with the green floral Sophie Hulme bag - how cute would it looks with a black scuba dress? Or even a cream sweater dress?

Are you into fall florals at the moment? Any favorites out there? Leave your links below!


  1. I really like the purse! It's very unique and pretty!

  2. Oh mine, I am so in love with the floral skater dress and the metallic cobalt skirt, so gorgeous pieces to glam up the triste fall.

    PS: I am in floral modus all year long hahahhaa. Lovely blog Annick, following you now via Bloglovin :-)


  3. Fall florals are a great way to change it up this season and add a little flare to an outfit.

  4. This is fall floral perfection. I'm absolutely in love with all of these!! As for me? I have two floral patterns on my list... and this one!!

    Hope you're having a lovely Monday!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  5. I'll take the Red Valentino dress, please! Only slightly out of my budget! ;) But SO gorgeous! I am definitely with you on the fall floral trend! Your dress is amazing, I can definitely see it sparking an obsession!

  6. That Valentino dress! SO pretty! To bad it's so expensive....