Monday, December 30, 2013

Old Boots

Old Boots from Naturalizer, Joe Fresh Lace Peplum (on sale in store!), Gap Knit Cardi and Denim, Bauble Bar Necklace, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Michael Kors Watch, Ray-Ban Sunnies borrowed from Kate

These boots are so old and used. Years of snow, slush and salted roads is forcing me to retire them after this winter season. It's sad to say goodbye to a well-loved pair of booties, but at the same time, it allowed me to replace them with a new pair! Keep an eye out for their appearance on the blog!

How was everyone's holidays? Mine were wonderful and cozy. For once, and I'm not sure if this is good or bad, there's wasn't much driving around the province to see everyone's family. It made for less time with my family, but made the holidays a little more relaxing. Other than cooking a turkey. That wasn't relaxing at all (my mom wasn't kidding when she said "you'll be on your feet all day!"), but fun nonetheless. And I didn't give food poisoning to anyone ... I had nightmares about our Christmas supper turning into a disaster. So go me for having it be a success!


  1. Love this look! I especially love the boots!!

  2. Old boots are so comfortable!! I can't wait to see the new pair. Our Christmas was spent at home with family and friends! :)

  3. What a cute outfit. Love those jeans and the boots look super comfy! Happy New Year...XO!


  4. You look great. Congrats on your dinner going well. I'm still afraid to try to cook a turkey maybe next year I will give it a try.

  5. Love the boots! They really don't look old! I have a pair that are really staring to get worn out. I'll be sad to have to retire them someday too. But yay for getting a new pair! Happy New Year!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. You look adorable! I love the lace top, distressed polka-dot skinnies, and your hair looks gorgeous! It is always a sad day when an old stand-by has to be retired. Were those new boots you posted on Insta the replacement pair?

    Glad you had a relaxing Holiday. And Happy New Year!

    Merch Maven

  7. I love everything about this outfit! It's so pretty and I love the way the dots on the jeans mimic snowflakes.

    I have the same type of trouble giving up a well-loved pair of boots (or really, anything in my closet that had a good run), but I'm sure the replacement will serve you just as well.

    Happy New Year!!
    xoxo Jackie

  8. Aww, love those boots! Sad that you have to retire them, but I can't wait to see what's to come.

    xx Jen
    Skirt The Rules