Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dreaming of Spring/Summer

I recently acquired these beautiful Sperrys from StyleNV after winning Kate's giveaway and can't stop staring at them and wearing them in the house. They are the Audrey style in quilted black leather and they simply could not be anymore perfect. I cannot wait for the day where the weather gets warmer and I can finally wear them with a striped tee and boyfriend jeans! With its gorgeous leather and tan/gold leather laces, I can tell they are going to be a Spring/Summer staple in my wardrobe. Are you also buying items in anticipation for Spring/Summer? I can't seem to stop with the weather inappropriate purchases!


  1. Haha yes, I am! Right after the closet cleaning, I spotted a printed tweed moto on Gap that I had to have. It's on its way right now, in two different sizes (I'm returning the one that doesn't fit).

    These shoes are pretty adorable!

  2. They are lovely! So excited for you!!

  3. What fun spring shoes! I love the laces. When I see posts like this, I'm so grateful that Vancouver stays relatively warm year round. I would be cold, but if I needed to, I could wear my cute flats almost any day of the year.

  4. That quilted detailing is unreal! Great pick!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  5. Love these so much! And you definitely already know that I have been buying multiple seasonally inappropriate items - 3 pairs of shoes later! Sigh! Can't wait for the days that we can finally break out our new shoe purchases!

  6. Great shoes! Spring can't come soon enough!

  7. These look so "rich." That is seriously the first word that comes to mind. A twist on tradition, giving it a bit of luxury. Congrats on your win!