Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feeling Blue

Asos Sunnies (still available here), Gap Denim, Banana Republic Cardigan, Joe Fresh Lace Peplum, J Crew Dean Ankle Boots, Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote Bag, Michael Kors Darci Watch, Simmons Necklace

Well eff is it ever frustrating uploading pictures to Blogger and having them look like crap. According to Kate, saving and uploading pictures as .png files instead of .jpg helps a little so I'll give that a go next time I edit pictures. For now, sorry about the quality!

I've documented my obsession with mirrored lens sunglasses on my Instagram recently, but my obsession really started with the Asos beauties I'm wearing in today's post. I love how blue they are reflecting! I now own a couple more Joe Fresh mirrored lens sunnies (one purchase totally inspired by this post), but these red Ray-Bans have stolen my heart. I get the feeling that more colored lens sunglasses will make their way into my mini-collection!

Happy hump-day! 


  1. I love how BLUE your glasses reflect and the bright lip pairs with them perfectly! So bright & fun! I actually don't find your photos look grainy at all but I definitely agree that blogger is doing some serious damage in general! So frustrating, but hopefully you'll find the png trick helps! Also, I think you need to bite the bullet and get the red ray-bans... you've been wanting them for like a year now, and you've proven that your love for mirrored aviators can stand the test of time!! ;)

  2. I love this look! I totally agree with the mirrored sunglasses.. I've wanted the blue ray-bans for a while now and i think I need to bite the bullet too. I agree with Blogger issues! UGH... My pictures today look odd and i'll def see if saving them with .png works better! I think your pictures look great though :) xx

  3. I need to get another pair of aviators. The problem is I always lose or break my sunglasses so I can't get a nice pair...haha. I'm also loving those ankle boots!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  4. Those aviators are perfection! Do you choose "Save for Web" in photoshop when you export? I do that and find it helps.

    Kristina does the Internets

  5. Blogger has been doing nasty things to my photos too... especially when I crop! I'm lazy and don't really re-touch anything so I suppose that might be part of the reason too! I adore your booties and I need a pair if Ray Ban's in my life.

  6. Love those jeans. They fit you perfectly xx

    By the way, I just updated my blog with a new post. I’d love for you to swing by:

  7. The pictures look just fine to me! However, I am no expert! I love the glasses...aviators are my favorite style!

  8. Those aviators are fabulous! A pair like them is the one piece that is missing from my collection of sunglasses. I haven't been in a huge hurry to get them but now that I see you wearing them so well, that has changed :)

  9. Amazing sunglasses and love the ankle boots! Gorgeous!

    xo, Kenya

  10. Fab look! I love those jeans! Have a great V-day!