Monday, July 28, 2014

Soft Dots

Gap Denim, J Crew Top, Elizabeth & James pumps, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Michael Kors Watch, D&G Sunnies, BaubleBar, Vintage and Etsy rings, Forever 21 Necklace

My mom emailed me last week asking why I wasn't wearing my engagement ring in my blog pictures. This is the last set of pictures I took before getting engaged, so the next posts will have it present, don't you worry ma.

The idea of polka-dots jeans isn't necessarily appealing to me - it reminds me of kids clothes! But these jeans have some distressing which I think is why I love them so much. They're a bit edgy, and unexpected. Unfortunately, they are also hella tight and I can only wear them on good days. I try to buy my skinny jeans relatively tight so that I don't encounter any bagginess around the bum and knees come mid-day, but that comes at a price when you put them on in the morning! Anybody with me here?

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. i'm so with you with the jeans! I always try to buy mine tighter than usual because they always stretch out! Also, that's so funny that your mom called you, my mom does that all the time. She's always suggesting something for my next post haha. I love the heels btw ;) xo

  2. Fab pants! I so love the fit on you ;)


  3. I remember seeing these jeans at Gap and being so close to buying them... before eventually putting them back. Every time I see them on you, I regret that. They look so good!

  4. These jeans look great on you! The polka dots are pretty subtle and not overly twee.

    Haha I've been without my ring for the last couple days while it's getting resized, which has been tripping up my coworkers ("You're not wearing it!").

  5. Totally with you!! It's that fine line between jeans that stretch too much and jeans that you can only put on if it's morning and you didn't just get out of the shower.

    I actually really love the polka dot print on those jeans, but I can see myself not wanting to wear them as often as plain ones.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. Loving the heels and the dark nails! It's a nice contrast to your white top and light jeans!
    Jeans and a Teacup