Monday, August 26, 2013

Black & Ombre

Shift Dress - Asos, Blazer - Vero Moda, Bag - Rebecca Minkoff MAC Mini, Necklace - Expression, Sunnies - Joe Fresh, Shoes - Zara, Bracelet - Orelia, H&M, Hair - Messy

When I first got this blazer, I truthfully wasn't sure what to wear it with. I was convinced that it would simply not go with black, but when I tried it on that morning with my Asos shift dress, I kind of loved it. As much as you can try to plan fashion in your mind, sometimes you just have to try stuff on to see if it works!

Happy Monday, friends!

Photocred goes to Kate :)


  1. I love ombre anything! Loving this blazer. You certainly rocked the hell out of it.


  2. I am loving the ombre and those shoes are to die for.


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  4. Ha so true - bc sometimes you think an outfit is going to look incredible and when you put it on it looks like crap. But yes, this blazer definitely looks great with your black dress. I also think it would look good paired with richer shades comes Fall, like port or burgundy....I'm outfit planning right now with your blazer. Lol!

    Merch Maven

  5. That top is AWESOME!!! And the shoes too! The whole thing actually :)

  6. Fabulous! Totally love that Jacket!

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