Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilts Etc. Home Republic Bedding - A Review of the Camden Check

To be completely honest, I'm really not a fan of my bedroom set. It was handed down to us from my boyfriend's godmother, and at the time, it seemed foolish to get rid of it simply because we (read, I) didn't love it. We had just started living together and we needed to buy so many things before a bedroom set could be a reality. Well, 2 years later, we're still with the same bed set. We've waited so long to replace it that it seems like we might as well wait until we move again. One of the things I do have control over in this bedroom however, are bed linen. I'm obsessed. I love clean fresh sheets, cozy duvets, pillows, throws... anything! An easy way to make a bedroom look more alive is by adding an accent duvet, so when the folks at Quilts Etc asked me to review a duvet set from their new Home Republic line, I jumped at the chance to make my room feel fresh again. I chose the Camden Check Collection, and I absolutely love it. My boyfriend is quite indifferent to anything I introduce to our place. Pillows? What's the purpose! Throws? It looks like someone's been sleeping on our couch! (That's seriously his argument) But to this duvet set, his reaction was an immediate "I love it!" Shocking, I know, but I was pretty happy to get a positive reaction from him! Even his buddies commented on how nice it was. Hence why I added a nice baby pink pillow to the bed - I needed to girl it up somehow with all this enthusiasm from the boys!

To me, a duvet needs to be soft and cozy - I spend a lot of time propped up on pillows, reading or blogging from the bed. I've had the experience of washing a duvet cover in the past for the first time and having it feel all stiff - my Camden Check bedding came out of the washer and dryer fluffy and soft. And I love the little touches that makes this duvet unique - the piped edges, the crisp gingham, the hidden zipper openings. I also love that the pillows and duvet have different sized gingham on each side. And we all know that navy gingham will never go out of style!

If you're looking to refresh your bedroom, I highly suggest you check out the Home Republic line at Quilts Etc. I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of this duvet set. It is available on the Quilts Etc website, but if this particular duvet isn't your style, there are plenty of other gorgeous options to choose from. I'm smitten with some of their floral print duvet set (such as this one, or this one) but I doubt my boyfriend would love it. No worries, I'll convert him in time!

Thank you to Quilts Etc. for letting me review this gorgeous duvet set!


  1. Great review! Love the checks. The duvet is so comfy hey? I got to review the Collage collection and I was really impressed with it!

  2. Great review! Nothing like a cozy bed to curl up in. x E

  3. I like your shared Bed Linens very much. Can you explain that how to make pink colored designer bedding set.

  4. This is such a lovely pillow sham. Have a lovely Duvet cover sets thanks for sharing great bedding design.